Artic Repair Conference 2025



Arctic Repair has been proposed as a form of climate engineering that could be deployed to reduce declining sea ice over the Arctic summer. It does not address the root cause of climate change, and does not eliminate the urgent need to reduce global carbon dioxide emissions. Apart from scientific uncertainty surrounding repair techniques, there are ethical, political and social issues that also need to be addressed.

The primary purpose of the conference is to provide a forum for scientists and engineers to present and discuss recent research results and future research priorities. 

The main themes of the conference will be as follows:

  • Arctic Climate Modelling

  • Impacts, Implications & Consequences of Arctic Amplification

  • Engineering Systems

  • Atmospheric Effects

This conference is being hosted by the Centre for Climate Repair, in association with the University of the Arctic, at the Department of Engineering, University of Cambridge. 

This event will delve into innovative climate engineering techniques designed to combat the rapid changes in the Arctic such as the decline of Arctic sea ice, loss of ice from glaciers, and other loss of ice from land.

The conference will address the scientific, ethical, political, and social dimensions surrounding Arctic climate solutions, focusing on key themes such as Arctic climate modelling, the impacts and implications of Arctic amplification, engineering systems, and atmospheric effects.

The techniques do not replace the actions needed to reduce greenhouse gas levels, and furthermore many of the approaches may be applicable to other parts of the world too.

We are pleased to be coordinating with The Degrees Initiative. We encourage you to also look at the 2025 Degrees Global Forum, being held in Cape Town 12-16 May 2025 and attend both events.

*Registration link and call for poster and papers presentation will be available soon.


Poster 2025 conference