CCRC at COP27: What is the Importance of Arctic Tipping Points?​ - Climate Action Hub​

Film & Panel discussion​

Professor Sir David King, Founder & Chair at Centre for Climate Repair (CCRC) virtual; Ellen Haaslahti Opearatio Artkis; Dr Antoinette Nestor, Engagement Manager, CCRC​

This session talks about the problem of irreversible Arctic tipping points and the race to avoid them. The domino effect of changes triggering others leading to further warming will be explained. We will then lay out the strategy required to avoid these tipping points. The strategy is a three-pronged focus on 1) deep and rapid emissions Reduction, 2) greenhouse gas Removal, and 3) Refreezing of the Arctic. The different challenges and changes required for each of the three Rs will be discussed in terms of natural resources, finance, equity, public acceptability, and crucially the timescales involved in scaling up the industries and nature-based solutions. 


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