Experts Panel: “Governing Resilience & Climate Repair

We hear about resilience within the scope of the Paris Agreement, but how to govern resilience in light of the Paris Agreement? What other international agreements are relevant, if any, and what examples can be found for governing resilience? Should we emphasise climate repair within local communities in light of international commitments, and if so, how?

Hosted by Univ Cambridge Centre for Climate Repair (CCRC) & Centre for Study of Existential Risk; Univ Waterloo School of Environment, Enterprise & Development (SEED); Waterloo Climate Institute (WCI)​

Chair: Dr Shaun Fitzgerald OBE FREng (Director CCRC)​

Speakers/Discussants: Dr Lily O'Neill (Melbourne Climate Futures, Univ Melbourne); Dr Luke Kemp (Research Associate, Centre for Existential Risk, Univ Cambridge); Dr Alex Bradley (Postdoctoral Research Associate, British Antarctic Survey); Dr Jose DiBella (Research Fellow, Dept Geography and Environmental Management,Univ Waterloo); Aleena Naseem (Doctoral Candidate, SEED Univ Waterloo); Nesma Hassan (Doctoral​ Candidate, SEED Univ Waterloo)Closing Address: Prof Neil Craik (Director, SEED Univ Waterloo)​

Event as part of the Climate Law and Governance Day 8:30-6pm (online)​