How and how often: How do we link knowledge across cultures to repair the climate?

A panel discussion on how and how often we need to link knowledge across cultures focusing on indigenous peoples’ experiences and traditions to accelerate climate repair solutions. How do we connect with indigenous knowledge across cultures? Is there a role to have different communities dealing with each other? We will hear from the views from Indigenous Peoples from across the world to explore this question. How do Indigenous communities put pressure in the Global North to do what needs to be done such as establishing practices for the conservation of indigenous territories and the indigenous use of natural resources.

Speakers: Freddy Sebastian Medina, Aymara, Yatichiri NGO; Rayen Cariman Davis . Mapuche, Asesora Comité por la Acción Climática. Ministerio de Medio Ambiente (Ministry of Environment), Chile; Nohora Alejandra Quiguantar, Pasto of the Muellamuès Community, Founder Tejiendo Pensamiento
Feminist Action Coalition for Climate Justice - UN Women, Colombia. Zulema  Vairoa Ika Guldman, Rapa Nui, Chilean Indigenous Climate Change Caucus, Jacqui Katona, Djok clan, West Arnhem, Northern Territory living on the unceded lands of the Wurundjeri nation, Naarm (Melbourne), Australia

Chair: Dr. M. Antonieta "Antoinette" Nestor

DATE: 18 November, 11:30-1pm (EGYPT TIME).
Venue: This panel will be completely online. 

Note: due to technical difficulties at the Pavillion, there are no interpreting services, therefore all this session will be held in SPANISH. The participation of Jacqui Katona will be in English with Chair acting as interpreter.  We apologise in advance and if we are able, we will be adding subtitles to the session in due course. 

To watch livestreaming: Livestream — COP27 Indigenous Peoples Pavilion (