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Centre For Climate Repair Cambridge

We are a cross-disciplinary research institution, aiming to develop and understand the solutions that will safeguard our planet from the disastrous consequences of global warming. 



The CCRC is a mission-focussed organisation which aims to achieve ambitious action on climate repair, supported by scientific research and robust evidence.

In order to further the aims of (i) deep and rapid greenhouse gas emissions reduction (ii) removing greenhouse gases from the atmosphere and (iii) restoring parts of the climate system that already pose risks to humanity, the CCRC is:

• Working with policy makers in the UK and across the globe to build alliances of nations and states dedicated to meaningful carbon sequestration solutions and technologies to safeguard our planet.

• Collaborating with sister Universities around the globe to both expand the scale of research efforts and policy discussions.

• Engaging with the public and other stakeholders to progress action to tackle climate change.

Working in affiliation with

The Centre for Climate Repair at Cambridge is working in affiliation with Cambridge Zero at the University of Cambridge to safeguard our planet from the disastrous effects of global warming.

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Latest news

Any plans to dim the Sun and cool the Earth must be led by those most affected by climate change

11 April 2022

A recent article written by our Director Dr. Shaun Fitzgerald OBE and PhD candidate Elil Hoole has been published at The Conversation on the "critical social sciences" issues that need to be taken into account when it comes to climate repair.