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We are a mission-driven organisation advancing research on high impact climate repair projects that can be rolled out at scale within the next 5-10 years.

Vision and Mission

Our vision is a pathway to a sustainable future for mankind in tackling the root causes of climate change and ensuring we limit the amount of overshoot.

Our mission is threefold: Reduce CO2 emissions, Remove excess CO2 from the atmosphere, and Refreeze the Arctic.

What We Do

The centre acts as a global coordinating hub for research projects into areas covered by: Reduce emissions, Remove greenhouse gases, and Refreeze the Arctic (the 3 Rs.) We build international consortiums and coordinate research to advance projects from basic research to full-scale deployment. The research projects we support are potential tools for repairing the climate system. Our objective is to advance research so the world has a clear idea of the costs, benefits, and risks of using each approach. As the climate continues to change due to human intervention, the techniques and approaches necessary to repair the climate may change as well. We work to establish a suite of well-researched, ready to use methods to repair the climate, that can be applied as needed.

High Impact

The projects we support are those that have the potential to remove at least 1 Gigaton of CO2 from the atmosphere per year, or have an equivalent impact on the climate.

Rolling out at scale

We envision each project to potentially be applied at such a scale to have a high impact. Applying climate repair at scale means working with affected communities, governments, and world leaders on policy and social acceptability. We require participation from industry to scale-up and permission from international bodies to deploy. Each research project considers these aspects as a critical component.


Advancing scientific research in a particular field takes time, often decades. With an ever-changing climate caused by human intervention, and millions experiencing the negative effects, we do not have the luxury to wait. By prioritising projects and coordinating efforts world-wide, we address the key issues for each research project and prepare for potential application within 5-10 years.