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Jobs and Opportunities within the Centre for Climate Repair

INTERNSHIP: Atmospheric Methane Removal via Catalytic Methods

This project focuses on advancing the development of catalytic surfaces to mitigate methane from ambient environments. The primary objective is to store photons or electrons efficiently in photocatalysts and electrocatalysts, thereby enhancing their activity in catalysing methane. Methane oxidation is a spontaneous process (deltaG < 0) at room temperature, so it is expected that the rates of reaction should increase with increasing energy input. This project will involve utilization of a gas chromatograph, synthesis of diverse catalysts, and subsequent post-processing of acquired measurements. This process ultimately culminates in the determination of reaction rates and activation energies. No prior experience in catalysis or synthesis is required.

The ideal applicant will have:

· Capability to conduct literature reviews on advancements in catalysis. 

· Ability to analyse and interpret experimental results accurately. 

· Aptitude for data analysis, including calculation of reaction rates and activation energies. 

· Some understanding of photocatalysis, electrocatalysis, and relevant chemical reactions. 

· Clear documentation of work 

· Flexibility to work on both experimental and theoretical components of the project

This internship will be supervised by Prof. Tzia Ming Onn, Department of Engineering

Closing Date:

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PhD Studentship: Machine learning strategies for Marine Cloud Brightening

A new PhD position is now available within the Centre for Climate Repair (CCR) and the Data, Vibration and Uncertainty (CVU) group (part of the Aerosol Science CDT). 

The application is open ended until the right candidate is found. 

Please note:
The first year training will be done as part of the CDT cohort at the University of Bristol
Year 2-4 of the PhD project (and degree awarding institution) will be at the University of Cambridge (Engineering Department) 

Applications sent via email or DM on LinkedIn will not be considered.

Closing Date:

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