Who We Are

We are a multidisciplinary team working with our partners and associates across the University of Cambridge to deliver our objectives. If you would like to collaborate with us or get in touch, please contact us.


Climate change is accelerating and directly affecting life on Earth: 

  • Average temperatures continue to rise 
  • Extreme weather events are becoming more extreme and more frequent, causing floods, droughts, bushfires, and hurricanes. 
  • Ice caps shrink, leading to sea level rise and reducing the amount of heat reflected to space, thereby accelerating warming further 
  • Crop failure from weather changes and extreme events leads to food shortages and mass migration 
  • Biodiversity decreases as species cannot adapt or evolve at the current speed of environmental change. 

Our mission is three fold:


C02 Emissions


Excess C02 from the atmosphere


Damaged parts of the climate system

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