Centre for Climate Repair hosts international workshop on Albedo Enhancement


The Centre for Climate Repair hosted a long-day hybrid workshop with speakers from around the world working on albedo enhancement and refreezing the arctic.  

The day was opened by the Director of the Centre for Climate Repair Dr Shaun Fitzgerald and chaired by Professor's Hugh Hunt.  The workshop was divided into three sessions. The first session covered Marine Cloud Brightening (MCB), fogging, and CCT. This panel included Isabelle Steinke (from TU Delft in the Netherlands), Rebecca Murray-Watson, PhD student from Imperial College London and University of Cambridge's postgraduate degree students Edmund Reardon, William Smith and Jake Chapman. The second session focused on Stratospheric Aerosol Injection (SAI) included Alice Wells PhD student at the University of Exeter, Andrew Lockley, British inventor John Nissen and Clive Elsworth  focused on the topic of black carbon.  Session three covered the topics of Ice thickening by  Sev Clarke from Australia and graduate student Jacob Pantling from the University of Cambridge. This session also covered Ethics/governance and the law/public led by Professor Tracy Hester from the University of Houston, in the USA.

Prof. Hugh Hunt, Dr Robert Chris and Professor Wouter van Dieren from the Netherlands offered a summary of the day.  The day concluded with a visit to the Salt-water lab located at the Department of Engineering at the University of Cambridge.  

You can watch the recording of the day on YouTube. See video link below.