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Events relating to the work of the Centre For Climate Repair.

Quantitative Environmental Sciences (QES) is a course offered in the Natural Sciences Tripos at Cambridge for second year students. As part of the course, students make a policy paper, using an environmental data set that they need to present to answer a question. The policy paper is in the form of a modified POSTnote, which includes figures. We are holding a poster session and end of year party where many of our students will present their policy work and would love to discuss with you their approach

These events are part of the 2024 Cambridge Festival dedicated to school students (KS2 and KS3).


In this final lecture of the CCLS 2024, young people from Finland will discuss the topic of 1.5°C.

Join Oliver Morton and Myles Allen on this third lecture of CCLS 2024: No 1.5 °C without climate intervention?

Join Harriet Lamb on this exciting talk and continue the conversation CCLS 2024: No 1.5 °C without climate intervention?

Join Prof Aoife Foley for this our first session of the CCLS 2024: No 1.5 °C without climate intervention?


The Cambridge Climate Lecture Series 2024 will take place during February and March 2024. We have a great line up of speakers to discuss the topic of climate intervention


The lecture will firstly summarise exactly where we are with climate change and crucially what the scientists are now considering in terms of the future. A future based purely on emissions reductions cannot keep the world below 1.5C.

We are attending COP28 in Dubai, UAE and hosting a number of events on different pavilions within the Blue Zone. Some of our team members are also taking part in different events throughout. Please see event details to access the full list.