Dr Francesco Muschitiello

My research interests cover a broad spectrum of topics surrounding past climate dynamics. I am particularly interested in understanding the mechanisms behind rapid transitions in the climate system to create predictability for future climate change. I am also interested in better comprehending the exact sequence of events occurring across abrupt climate shifts of the past in order to discern cause-effect relationships between the different components of the global climate system (atmosphere, oceans, ice sheets, and the carbon cycle), as well as evaluating climate models in relation to past climate scenarios.

My research mainly involves the use of palaeo-climate proxy data from marine sediments and ice cores using stable and radiogenic isotopes to reconstruct changes in ocean and atmospheric circulation, and to establish precise geochronologies.

Another key aspect of my work involves developing probabilistic models for automating the stratigraphic correlation of proxy records and assigning timescales to climate archives with poor chronological control.